Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Don't Think It's Possible To Have the Hiccups If You Don't Breathe…

…but that's certainly what it looked like our little Fig was doing in there.
A note on terminology. While in-utero, Ben was Tadpole. This baby's nickname has changed week to week based on a size comparison chart in the pregnancy app I downloaded. The chart runs from poppy seed to watermelon, and we started with sprinkle (as in the ice cream topping), although this chart actually uses rice for that week. Our little one has been feeling a little Middle Eastern lately; it was a date last week and is a fig this week. Next week it moves up to plum.
On Tuesday we went to our first prenatal appointment. We heard a nice steady heartbeat (just one, thankfully; Karin had been getting a little paranoid about twins), but the midwife said that she likes to do an ultrasound all the same, just to make sure everything looks ship shape.

So we walked over to Lancaster General's Downtown Outpatient Pavilion today and got a look at our little one. Ben went along, but he wasn't too impressed. It could be because we had to wake him up from his nap in order to go, or it could be because, judging by his interactions with other babies, he's not going to be too impressed with this baby until it's old enough to run around and play with him.

I am happy to have pictures of our Fig, though they're not great. I think the pictures from Ben's early ultrasound were clearer. Also, I am surprised that Lancaster General isn't set up to email you pictures–or even a video–of the ultrasound. Just as they did five years ago, they simply print out a couple of screencaps. But thats OK; that's what I have a scanner for.