Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lucky Socks

I have a pair of lucky socks. They are red argyle, and they are from J.Crew. When Karin bought them for me, I didn't think much of them. "I don't really have anything to wear them with." It turned out, though, that good days seemed to accompany the wearing of the socks. Not every day I wear the socks is a good day, in large part because I sometimes wear the socks as a ward. If I anticipate having a particularly rough day, or some bad news, I will wear the socks to lift my mood and perhaps, by some superstition I don't really accept, stave off the feared events.

There are other days, however, when I wear the socks because I can't help but have a good day, and it can only be better with my lucky socks. When I wear the socks that way, I am jubilant and I want the world to know it. And though I do only own one red button down shirt (how many does one man need?),  the socks now have a whole outfit to accompany them. It is an outfit that helps the socks to make their proclamation: "This is a happy man (and a good looking one, too)!"

Today I wore the socks, and the outfit, because I knew that I would have a fantastic day. Why? Well, because I woke to a cloudless sky and utterly perfect weather. And, much more importantly, because on Monday, this happened:

and I knew I'd be sharing the news at work today, and then sharing it with you.

So yes, baby number two is on its way, though just barely. A little basic math suggests a due date of April 20, so plan on seeing more updates to this blog until then (and then basically none because [ACK!] we'll have two kids and, I imagine, not a lot of time for sitting around writing blog posts)

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