Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I Did Not CRY During The Muppets

Last Wednesday, on Twitter, I admitted that I teared up a little while watching The Muppets. It has since been reported that I "cried during The Muppets." Look, I know I'm a little over sentimental; A lot of things make me teary, particularly a lot of movies; the end of Star Trek II gets me every time. But The Muppets isn't actually a sad movie. So why the tears?

At its heart, I really think The Muppets is a movie about friendship. It's a movie, particularly, about friends who have grown apart, or simply been apart. One review (well, the only review) I read implied that it was to the movie's detriment that it never really explained why the muppets had disbanded and gone their separate ways. I don't think it matters, though. It is all too common in life that even the best of friends find themselves scattered by the years; it doesn't really matter why. What moved me to tears was the movie's exploration, however superficial, of the fear that there may come a time when the separation has simply been too long, too silent, for the friendship to be salvaged.

I have friends in Lancaster, my wife foremost among them, but sometimes I still feel lonely. There are a lot of people who were once not only very important in my life, but also very present, who I simply don't see anymore. And many of them I don't do a very good job of keeping in touch with. Lately, the distance between us has been palpable.

So no, I didn't cry during The Muppets, but I did shed tears because it touched an emotional cord and spoke to a fear that I have recently been harboring, and then reassured me that I need not do so. I hope it was right.

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