Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day One

So today was The Day: Ben's first day of school. Sure, it's not actual school; he's only going for two and a half hours a week, but still, this is a milestone. And it is, thankfully, a milestone that went off without a hitch.

Last week, when we went for orientation, construction along the route stretched what should have been a 30 or so minute drive into a 60 minute drive. Today I left plenty of extra time and we had exactly zero trouble along the way. I'm not complaining, but we did arrive about 20 minutes early, which meant a boy who was very excited to go to school had to wait outside for the doors to be unlocked. Of course, we have an in, so we only had to wait until Grammie noticed us outside her office window and let us in (I swear we weren't angling to get in early, the floor-to-ceiling window just happens to be right next to the front doors). So we waited in Grammie's office for a few minutes until, finally, it was time to go to the classroom.

He bounded up the steps, ran down the hall and looked eagerly for his "shoe" on the wall. There is a line of hooks on the wall outside the classroom and they are marked with little shoe-shaped name tags. So eager was Ben to hang up his backpack and get to class that by the time the bag hit the ground after he missed the hook with it, he was already across the hall and into the classroom. He started class by cooking some breakfast, then sat down to do some puzzles. When I left, he was investigating the doll house.

As I walked back toward the front door, I could hear several crying children. Ben was not one of them. He had hardly had time for a goodbye kiss. He was too busy rolling out play dough with a rolling pin. Since he knew Grammie was in the building, I figured the worst-case scenario would involve him wanting to spend the whole day in her office. There were no such troubles. From what I hear, the most upset he got was when he got indignant because someone pushed him while playing and did not say "I'm sorry." He also reprimanded another student who did not want to sit in the circle for story time: "Sit down. It is time to read!"

I had no trouble leaving him. I usually drop him off at Grammie and Poppie's on Wednesday morning, so, procedurally, it's a very small change for me. Still, it's a big step, and I think Karin had a harder time with it. I just hope that every Wednesday morning goes as smoothly.

New pictures from this morning have been added to the Preschool set on Flickr.

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