Friday, July 15, 2011

In Anticipation

Vacation shouldn't cause stress. It always does, though, doesn't it? I think I've gotten past the stress today, caused by being afraid of not being ready. Now I'm back to where I was last night: full of nervous energy. We are all so very ready for this vacation, and to have been waiting on it eagerly for 51 weeks fills these last few days (now hours) with an impatient excitement.

We are leaving tonight (technically, tomorrow morning), after I get home from work. I really do believe this strategy is going to work, but there is some doubt, which brings along its own low-level stress. And, of course, if it doesn't work, if Ben doesn't sleep till the sun is up (which is the hope), then the stress level will not be low.

But then, tomorrow morning, we will arrive in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts, we will deliver Ben to my family, and then we will nap. And then we will go out to eat, or go to the beach, or sit and read a book, and just let stress fade away. More will come, no doubt, when it's time to leave, and more when we're back to work. But all of that is a week away. So for now I am going to try to relax (though my day's caffeine intake is probably going to make that difficult) and just hang on until I can relax.

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