Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Speaking of Excited

My mom and Rosie are currently on their way south. Their goal is to arrive at our house at about the same time I get home from work. They're staying till Monday morning. Everybody involved is very excited about this visit. It's been two months since I last saw them, and for Ben and Karin it's been even longer. I love them and am always glad to see them, and, I'll admit, I'm looking forward to having two extra adults around the house. Probably the biggest joy in a visit from any of my family, though, is watching how excited they are to see Ben, and how excited he is to see them. Whenever we've mentioned that Mimi and Gum are coming to visit soon, he demands, "Want Mimi Gum come my house now!" If you do not follow Ben on Twitter, you haven't seen the list he made of all the things he wants to do with my mom and Rosie while they are here; Karin transcribed it on Monday night:
Things Ben wants to do with Mimi & Gum
  • Go to fish store
  • Play hide & seek with orange teddy bear
  • Go to playground by our house
  • Play outside in our backyard in crab pool
  • Go get donuts
  • Spell cars' names
  • The last one, I suppose, needs a little explanation. Ben is learning his letters, and can recognize all the capital letters. He knows how to spell his name, and, if presented with the letters, can pick out B, E, and N in order. One of his favorite pastimes is spelling out the names of people he knows or characters from stories. He needs to ask about the spelling, of course, and he can't write, so he either spells them with preexisting letters, or helps to hold a pencil while someone else writes out the letters. And, like seemingly every other little boy on the planet, he loves Pixar's "Cars."

    The thing is, as excited as we all are for these next few days, the much more exciting occasion will be when Mimi and Gum come to Lancaster County for good. After much stress and toil and expenditure, their house is finally in ready-to-sell condition, and they hope to put it on the market soon. They have been planning to move for years now, but it is only since they have reached this latest stage that I have allowed myself to consider all the profound and wonderful ways their moving down here will change my life. I could expound, I could gush, I could predict, but instead I will leave you with only this thought: by the time Mom and Rosie move here, it will have been more than ten years since the last time I was able to consistently see my mother more than once every few months. And isn't that enough?

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