Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome Back

Hey look, rezendes.info points to a real, current, functioning website again. How nifty is that?

I'm not even sure how long it has been since our blog went offline. It was whenever I decided to stop paying for MobileMe, because that's where the blog used to be hosted. Now that I've had a chance to play around with Blogger a bit, I realize I should have started up again here ages ago.

The impetus for getting the blog going again now was twofold. Fold one was Cap'n and Lissa's excellent family blog "...with two cats in the yard." I had imagined that I had been keeping up with that blog, but when I went and looked at it a few days ago, I realized I hadn't actually read it for about eight months. So I went back and read all the entries I hadn't. Reading through such a great chronicle of friends' lives reinforced the value of keeping such a record. That reminder lead to fold two: rereading all of my old Life in Lancaster posts. I'd written more than I remembered, and right now, none of those posts are online. It's not that I'm such a great writer that withholding those gems from the world is wrong, but merely that those posts chronicle the days leading up to and immediately following the arrival of Ben. That was a very special time in our lives, and I'd like to have that record online.

So, here's the plan:
Sometime in the next few days (hopefully) I am going to upload all those old posts into this new blog. Blogger will let me backdate posts, so they will all be posted with there original date stamps.
Then, going forward, I will try to make, if not regular, then at least semi-frequent posts. There was a time when I blogged regularly, back on my good old Xanga, but those days are long gone by. I really do intend to make good on this attempt, but I've said that before. Maybe you can help keep me honest.
I also want to try to get Karin posting here, so hopefully between the two of us this will be a blog worth keeping up with. Stay tuned.

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