Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Where Things Stand

Tomorrow is Karin’s due date. Unfortunately, the chances of her actually giving birth tomorrow are very very low.

We saw the doctor on Tuesday morning. The baby seems to be doing fine, but he isn’t showing any signs of coming out on his own in the next few days. So the following is the schedule that we’ve laid out for the coming week and a half:
•Friday 12/26 - Ultrasound and non-stress test to make sure everything in the womb is still hunky-dory.
•Monday 12/29 - Another appointment with the doctor.
•Friday 1/2 - Induction.

So, assuming that Tadpole hasn’t come on his own before next Friday (and we don’t expect him to) we’ll go to the hospital and the doctor will induce labor. What that means is that, no matter what, we should have a son by no later than Saturday, January 3rd.

It’s a little discouraging, just because we’ve been counting down to tomorrow for months, and now we have to tack another week onto that. We’re fine, though, and glad the baby is fine. I suspect, though, that this coming week will be the longest of my life.


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