Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The images from our two ultrasounds hang on the door of our refrigerator. The most recent was taken more than 3 months ago. At the time, our little tadpole weighed only about 2/3 of a pound. Today marks exactly one month until Karin’s due date and our little guy has probably gained more than 5 pounds since then. Of course, when the first set of pictures was taken, he only only weighed about 1/4 of an ounce, so a lot has happened since then.

Tonight, it looked like he was trying to batter his way out. Karin’s belly was undulating and his little fists (or knees, or elbows, or something) were easily felt from the outside. I sympathize with him: I, too, am ready for him to come out of there. Or, at least, as ready as I’ll ever be (apart from straightening up the nursery a little). Of course, we want him to finish baking, but the closer Christmas gets, the more impatient I get. And Karin would really like to be able to sleep without having to roll over every 30 minutes.

I know we only have about 4 out of 40 weeks left, but I suspect that they will be the longest 4 weeks of the term.


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