Thursday, August 14, 2008

He's a He!

It’s official. Having still not heard from the doctor, Karin called the office this afternoon and they confirmed for us that the tiny little person inside Karin is, in fact, a boy. Admittedly, it was pretty obvious on the ultrasound, but in keeping with the rules, the ultrasound tech stubbornly refused to confirm or deny what we could plainly see on the screen. She did say, “here’s a leg, here’s the other leg, and so right in this area here...” But, though Karin began referring to the baby as “he” and “him” almost every other word, the tech just smiled and said “it.”

It’s sort of a pity that the tech didn’t print out the “gender” shot; I would have used it for the picture on this entry. It’s like Karin said: this is about the only time people will not think you’re crazy for holding up a picture and saying, “look at my child’s penis!”

We did get three other pictures. One is above, and, in case you haven’t found them on your own already, they are available elsewhere on the site.

It will be very nice to no longer have to refer to our baby as “it.”


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