Friday, June 6, 2008

Our Tiny, Dancing Tadpole

Karin’s first doctor visit was on Wednesday. All went well, but when the doc got out his little sonar doohickey, he had a tough time finding the heartbeat. He did find it, but it took some doing. So, just to put everyone’s mind at ease, he scheduled Karin for a ultrasound this afternoon. We both came home from work early and walked over to LGH. We didn’t get into the exam room until about half an hour after our appointment time, but the wait was more than worth it. Karin was very nervous going in. I was only excited. Thankfully, it was the excitement and not the worries that proved founded. We got a really good look at the new little life we made, and boy was it squirmy. Karin’s fears were allayed, and she got some justification for why she’s been so incredibly tired lately: there’s a little, 4cm person inside of her that was not there 9 weeks ago. Making that person exist can’t be easy. The pictures that the tech printed out for us have a place of honor on the front of our refrigerator, but if you can’t make it over, you can see them in the new album I just put up.


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