Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Going Live

Tomorrow morning I will get up at 3:55, as I do every Wednesday morning. I will go to work, put away the order, and go home. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then, however, ordinary goes out the window. Tomorrow afternoon, Karin has her first prenatal doctor appointment. We’re anxious to make sure that everything is going well with our little Tadpole (which no longer looks like a tadpole at all, I suppose). With any luck, we’ll be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Then, after the appointment, we get to tell you all! I’ve been aching to tell people since we found out Karin was pregnant. Over the last couple weeks, as we’ve seen some of you face to face, we’ve told you the good news, but tomorrow, everyone gets to know, and then those of you who know already can talk about it. (I know our parents are bursting at the seams.)

I am going to upload this site tonight to give myself some time to test it and make sure all is working correctly. I don’t suspect anyone will find it before I put the URL out tomorrow, but if they do, no big deal.


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