Sunday, May 11, 2008


Karin has been pregnant now for five weeks (which means she’s seven weeks pregnant—I know, it confused me too) and we’ve known for about two and a half weeks. Still, though, it hasn’t sunk in for me. Obviously, I know in my head that it is real; she is pregnant, and we are going to be parents, but it doesn’t feel real yet. At least not to me. I think the nausea is making it pretty concrete for her.

I think part of the reason it hasn’t hit me yet is that we’re not really telling people yet. Our families know, of course, and a few close friends, and a couple of the people Karin works with. Other than that, we’re keeping people in the dark until after the first doctor visit. We just want to make sure everything is going well. Both of us are very much looking forward to the appointment on June 4th. Both so we can be sure our little Tadpole is OK, and also so we can tell the world (or at least as much of it as will listen).


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