Thursday, May 22, 2008


Karin’s first doctor appointment since finding out she was pregnant is on June 4th, two weeks from yesterday. That is also the day that I plan to put this website online and share our awesome news with the world.

Today, Karin is 9 weeks pregnant, which means the fetus is about 7 weeks old. Only 31 more weeks to go! :-) Now, a quick lesson. I’m sure some of you (notably, the mothers) know how duration of pregnancy is measured, but I’m sure others don’t. I sure didn’t. It’s not that important, but just so everyone is informed: The average length of human gestation is 40 weeks, measured, not from conception, but from day one of the mother’s last cycle. Because fertility is highest around day 14, a woman typically isn’t actually pregnant until the end of week 2 or beginning of week 3 of her pregnancy, as measured by the official timeline.


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